Governance and Risk Advisory

Executive, management, boards of directors and audit committee members face unprecedented levels of legal, regulatory, and economic risks. The Government has issued updated corporate governance requirements to ensure effective and fair participation of directors while emphasizing the importance of risk management and internal control in managing operations of a company.

Our Corporate Governance and Risk Management practice has an exceptional understanding of the issues companies face in today’s highly complex operating environment. We can help your organisation with customised comprehensive and effective solutions.

Our corporate governance and risk management services include:-

  • Internal audit – review and comment on adequacy of internal controls and integrity of accounting system and financial reporting and ensure appropriate processes are in place to enable companies to achieve key strategic and operational objectives.
  • Enterprise risk management – guiding clients to understand risks and appropriately identify, assess, grade, mitigate and document risks of businesses and to implement risks discipline in day to day activities of corporations.
  • Provide continuous advisory support to audit committees in latest regulatory and legislation update and any other request made.
  • Business and operational reviews – re-engineering company’s process, to break barriers within the company and to document all standard operating procedures so as to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Investigation – conducting detailed investigations of suspected fraud (e.g. Financial Statement fraud, employee theft, tracing assets) and providing fraud prevention services.

For further information about our corporate governance and risk management services, please contact our office.

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