Corporate Finance & Restructuring

Our clients consider us trusted advisers and more importantly, business partners. Whether your goal is to lower costs, improve efficiency or keep up with today’s rapidly changing technology, our corporate finance and management advisory services can help improve your business performance. We provide the objective and knowledgeable advice that your management team requires to make the most educated decisions.

We assist all types of companies – newly formed, growing, well established, recently merged, stagnant and troubled. Our professional assistance can be very valuable during the different phases of the business cycle, assisting in problem solving and planning or just being there to listen when you need it most.

Whether you need guidance on leadership and management issues or  expansion of your line of business, our professionals have the resources and knowledge to assist.

There are many complicated issues and tough decisions involved when considering a merger or acquisition, especially in today’s economic environment. Tax, accounting, and business issues can often make or break a merger or acquisition, and having a business partner that is well organised and knowledgeable can increase your chances of a successful transaction. Buyers and sellers must have a complete understanding of the business issues involved to arrive at the most favourable deal for both parties. We provide advice through the entire process – feeding you with the information you need. We also are there to listen and confirm that you are making the best decision possible for the future of your business.

Our corporate finance and management advisory services include:-

  • Corporate funding / Initial Public Offer [“IPO”] – acting as your adviser in reviewing the listing requirements, ensuring your company is in a position to qualify for the flotation, preparing the required filing documentation (including the application, prospectus, offering memorandum, historical financials and profit forecast, cash flow projections) and private placement advisory services.
  • Corporate rehabilitation and turnaround exercise – offering critical assistance and advisory to companies that are underperforming, in crisis or unhealthy with underperforming divisions / businesses.
  • Strategic and business planning process reviews – using tried and tested methodology, review and comment on clients’ Strategic and Business Plans, ensure plans are aligned with corporate strategic direction and ensure accountability to meet agreed-upon objectives is clearly understood.
  • Merger and acquisition advisory services – assist in the areas such as buyer representation, seller representation, deal structuring, due diligence, and integration planning and implementation.

For further information about our corporate finance and management advisory services, please contact our office.

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