Almost every business transaction or investment decision will give rise to tax implications. Whether a client is considering how to structure a transaction involving securities, real properties or business assets, or is undertaking any major financial strategy, tax advice may significantly impact the final decision.

Our tax department is engaged in providing planning and consultation services for domestic and international businesses, associations and individuals. The combination of technical skills, continuing education, and creativity of our tax professionals helps clients to excel and prosper in an increasingly complex environment.

We offer you a full range of tax services which can be broadly categorised as follows:-

  •  Tax compliance
  • Tax Advisory

We strive to help you enhance your business goals and objectives with a balanced combination of professional and technical skills, continuing education, quality services and experience.

Tax Compliance

We provide tax compliance services to clients comprising of private limited companies, public listed companies quoted on the Bursa Malaysia Securities, local and multinational corporations engaged in various industries such as sales and distribution, manufacturing, services, property development, construction and investment holding.

 Our tax compliance services include:-

  • Preparation of tax returns and computations for submission to the tax authorities for corporate, individual, partnership, trust, joint venture, estate, etc.
  • Examination of financial statements and related audit working papers for ascertainment and reconciliation of taxable income or allowable losses.
  • Preparing and advising on submission of return of original/revised estimated tax payable and compliance requirements in relation to the amount of the estimated tax.
  • Liaising with the tax authorities in connection with tax enquiries, appeals, refunds, etc.

Our role as tax agents do not stop here. Our knowledge of our clients’ businesses and operations acquired from the long-standing relationship with our clients in tax compliance assignments, enables us to proactively induce tax planning ideas that result in tax savings, whenever possible.

Tax Planning and Advisory

Often, tax planning will significantly impact the final decision of a company’s financial plans, management and investment decisions. Our taxation services are not only dedicated to yearly tax preparation and tax filing compliance but all year round tax advices and planning strategies. Every business wants to reduce taxes, but to do it correctly isn’t always so simple. With proper tax planning strategies, current and potential tax concerns would be mitigated if not eliminated and problems would be resolved as they arise.

Our experienced team looks at the business structure and tax position of our clients, propose ideas on tax saving opportunities and identify tax incentives available, adding value which will help our clients maximise their tax savings and thus enhancing their business profits while minimising risks and tax exposure. Since we often provide advice on many aspects of clients’ business, we can see opportunities that other tax specialists might miss. Issues in relation to implications arising from restructuring exercise and eligibility of exemptions available on real property gains tax and stamp duty are explored using strategies aligned with your business needs.

Besides the above, we consult our clients regarding international issues ranging from tax planning for cross-border merger and acquisition. If you are a foreign investor, we can assist on choices of suitable vehicle for investment in Malaysia, repatriation of profits, investment rules and regulations of the country, and foreign exchange control requirements.

In tax planning and advisory,  not only do we advise our clients but also to hold their hands in implementing the strategies / plans.

Our tax planning services include:-

  •  Corporate, individual, partnership, trust, joint venture tax planning
  • Merger and acquisition planning
  • Real property planning
  • Real property gains tax and stamp duty planning
  • Cost allocation planning
  • International tax planning
  • Inbound tax and other regulatory issues
  • Applications for incentives, licences, representative / regional office status, etc. to the relevant authorities such as MOF, IRB, MITI, MIDA and Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Retirement and estate planning

For further information about our tax planning and advisory services, please contact our office. 

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